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Mental health shouldn’t be depressing

Chill Pill is on a mission to create better days. get support from new friends who just get it

How it works

Turn your mic on and share what you can't share with your friends IRL, or go mic off and listen to stories from other people who can relate

Good day? Bad day? Stop by and get your thoughts and feelings off your chest in as many or as few words as you'd like. our reflection prompts help you learn more about yourself and your peers

we're anonymous but not strangers, we're your future friends who listen and validate

The good parts about social media

“we’re not therapists and are not here to provide advice or give feedback. we just come together in a safe space to be authentic, vulnerable, and connect over shared experiences.”

Blizzard, Chill Leader

“I feel so relieved and happy that I was able to let out my experiences without being judged.”

Lychee, Chill Bestie

“Chill Pill is that non-judgmental friend we all need.”

Kennadia, 15, Chill Bestie

Find Your Future Friends

Enter the world of Chill Pill.

Stay Chill,
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