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Community Culture

Come One, Come All

Chill Pill doesn’t exist without community. Before anything else, we’re a safe, comfortable digital space for young people seeking help, friendship, or a place to vent and learn and improve. the Chill Pill community is getting better, together.

📝 Chill Pill's community guidelines

we all agree to a social contract when joining Chill Pill — this is how we've managed to build a safe space where we can openly talk about our mental health ❤️

if you are found to be in violation of these community guidelines, you will receive a warning from our moderators and will be banned from the community if the behavior continues

💚 things we ACTIVELY encourage 💚

Chill Pill is a community of young people lifting each other up and learning how to be stronger on their own through community, friendship, and empathy.

This is how we treat each other and communicate in the Chill Pill community in order to build supportive friendships:

✅ vulnerability & authenticity

  • we value open and honest communication through genuine connections! please know that if and when you do feel comfortable, your share will be welcomed warmly in this space
  • we value your feedback! we want to prioritize bettering this space so our community can have the best possible experience. with that said, let us know how it's going for you by emailing [email protected]
  • be you! there's no way to "fail" at Chill Pill. show up as your authentic self and respect others

✅ cultivating relationships

Chill Pill wouldn't exist without community, and the ultimate goal is for you to find people who you can relate to and who you can build friendships with.

  • get to know one another by commenting on each other’s posts
  • if you have an issues you'd like to discuss email 💌 [email protected]

✅ inclusivity & spreading kindness

  • whether you have been involved with Chill Pill since day one or just joined yesterday, we ask that everyone welcomes each member into the community with open arms.
  • it goes without saying, but it costs zero cents to be kind. spread love and treat others the way you wish to be treated in return

🚨 things we DO NOT tolerate in the Chill Pill community 🚨

❌ hate speech & harassment

  • absolutely no racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and generally hateful comments will be accepted in this space
  • respect everyone's chosen names, pronouns, identities, views, and beliefs is a necessity within this community
  • do not use degrading language when talking about yourself or others in your username, posts, and comments
  • any form of spamming or harassing anyone in the community will not be tolerated and will result in removal from our app

❌ judgment & shame

  • Chill Pill to be a place where users can share their authentic experience without fear of judgement, ridicule, shame, or really any reactions outside of positive affirmations or how you can relate to someone.
  • It's no one's place to pass judgement on someone else's journey. Everyone handles, copes, and heals with their respective experiences in the way that feels right for them.
  • 🌟 If we find you passing negative judgement on anything people are sharing, we will delete your comment and give you a warning. If it becomes a pattern, we will ban you from the community.
  • if you feel judged or shamed by another user's comments, please report them and block them by clicking the flag icon on their profile page

❌ no unsolicited advice - share only about your own experience

  • be weary of offering up unsolicited advice without checking in with the needs of your fellow community members. if they are open to receiving guidance and ask for another perspective, you can of course feel free to share your experience
  • speak only about your own experience, for example, how you can relate to what someone has shared, anything you've tried that has been either positive or negative. we don't say "you should try...."

❌ do not encroach on someone's space

  • when a fellow member decides to vulnerably share anything in a support group, we hold space for them through listening attentively, not interrupting, and thanking them for sharing when they've finished

❌ do not reveal your personal identity

  • at no point should anyone reveal their personal identity, contact information, or social media information
  • respecting everyone's anonymity is also an absolute must. do not ask for anyone's social media or other personal information
  • If another user either offers their own information or asks for yours, please report them or email 💌 [email protected] they will be contacted and warned, and their message will be deleted

💞support + getting in touch with Chill Pill

how to give us feedback & ask questions 💁

if you have any questions or feedback, please email 💌 [email protected] or share your feedback in this form

where to find more support 🤷

if you ever feel like you don't know what to do, are struggling, and need extra support, we want you to know we are here for you and are always willing to chat!

we are not therapists and are not here to provide advice or give feedback. we can listen and relate based on our own experiences, and help put you in touch with professionals or give you other resources if you want them

where to find support on Chill Pill:

  • visit the “Support Center” page on the app (if you go to your personal profile, you can find it in your settings) for a list of mental health support resources + recommendations
  • Email 💌[email protected] with what you’d like help with/support on and we can help you navigate these resources

how to report someone 🙅

if you notice someone is violating Chill Pill's rules or more generally don't seem to align with our values, we ask that you report them so that we can review their membership

ways to report someone:

  • press “report a problem” or “flag content” on a post by clicking the three dots in the top right-hand corner of any post on the feed
  • press “report a problem” or “flag content” on a comment by swiping left on any comment
  • you will be able to tell us why you reported them or flagged their content before pressing "submit"

after you report a user, we will be notified and take a look at their activity to determine whether or not that content should be deleted (or marked as sensitive), or if that user should be permanently removed from our app

how to block someone 🛑

block a user to stop seeing their content and stop the user from seeing your content

  • press on their avatar on any one of their posts in the feed, and click the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of their profile and press "block"