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How it Works

no video, no real names, no pressure

a peer-led safe space where we feel and heal with you

a space to let it all out and allow ourselves to be human

daily reflections and prompts help you learn about yourself and your peers in a judgment-free zone

Let’s Get to a Deeper Level

Chill Pill has 5 levels, from chill caterpillar up to chill leader.











How to Attend

When you’re a Chill Caterpillar we’re all getting to know each other. once you've posted on 3 different days you can attend peer support groups

How to Lead

when you’ve attended 10 peer support groups you level up and can start leading support groups of your own.

How We Keep You Safe

we use levels to keep the community safe and ensure that everyone is participating. No lurkers, no trolls.

we're anonymous but not strangers


Personal Space

you keep your real identity private - other users will know you by your avatar and username, and that’s it.

Meet Our Team

hayley caddes

founder & CEO

tori george

CTO & iOS engineer

gonzalo gras cantou

backend engineer

grant joseph

product designer